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Sentifique Zürich

The universe of scents contains many secrets that it’s a delight to unveil. Our passion is to explore these mysteries and create totally new scents from them.

Every scent has its origins in a vision made up of recollections, cravings and futuristic fantasies. Here we would like to reveal how we succeed in combining these stories, emotions and images as a scent, in liquid form.

We have mastered the noble art of classic perfumery, and we respect it. None the less, there are times when we question its doctrines and go new, often radical ways of our own when formulating a new scent.

What we create is not governed by a business plan or a financial budget. We experiment with all available natural essences and with the latest, still secret molecules from the leading scent laboratories. All this development work has just one aim: to transform our concepts without compromise into fascinating, overwhelmingly attractive scents. And if the ingredients are rare, difficult to obtain or expensive, this is unimportant if the results justify their use.

Our scents contain the most costly essential oils found anywhere in the world, for instance the absolute of iris florentina (of which only 300 grams a year can be produced), genuine Mysore sandalwood or the exceptionally valuable resin of the agarwood tree. To use such ingredients is a rare privilege and a true delight. In view of their high price and rarity, these magnificent substances are regrettably no longer used in the formulation of commercial scents.

The scents we create are not intended to appeal to as many people as possible. They are bold, they cause controversy, they possess in-depth character. In other words, they are unique scents for true individuals.

Erhältlich von Sentifique sind folgende Düfte: 

  • Dangereuse
  • Testostérone
  • Party
  • Cèdre Sacré
  • Daim Rouge

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Aktuelles – News